“Two things to avoid in Gaelic football – tripping a member of the opposing team and losing the match.

Unfortunately, the Meath Football Team seemed to be mired in a long stretch of the latter so it turned to Synecticsworld.

First crowned Leinster S.F. Champions in 1895, Meath has, through the years, always been a winning team, so it wasn’t until a ten-point drubbing by their arch-rival Dublin that Meath’s team managers turned to Synecticsworld to help the football club restore its winning ways.


Having heard of Synecticsworld’s reputation for improving business performance through insight-led innovation, the team’s management asked Synecticsworld to focus on three areas:

  • Mental coaching: as a way of helping the individual team members clarify their thinking and overcome fear
  • The team’s three-member management team: to help them become more effective
  • The players: in order to improve their ability to work as a team

Synecticsworld worked with the players as a group, not only helping them prepare mentally for each game but showing them how to plan and envision what could happen out on the field. After the match, Synecticsworld led video reviews of the game to help not only the players, but also the coaching staff, to identify areas that needed improvement.


The change that came over the team was almost immediate, the results, decisive. Meath soon began to celebrate win after win.

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