The Brits take their brew very seriously, just as the Mansfield Brewery Company takes seriously its position as one of the United Kingdom’s largest independent brewers.

When Mansfield decided that it needed a bold strategy to help it identify and pursue growth opportunities in the home market, the brewery company turned to Synecticsworld.


Working to help the Mansfield leadership team members communicate more effectively with each other, the Synecticsworld-led sessions enabled the team members to attain a clearer vision of their roles in the business, allowing them to manage more efficiently. Other Synecticsworld processes such as improving listening skills, strengthening concepts, and making intriguing ideas feasible contributed further to the Mansfield team’s efforts to focus on important issues.

Working with Mansfield’s 30 most senior leaders, Synecticsworld facilitated strategic planning reviews that helped the management team both refine and validate issues. The reviews were especially useful in that they allowed the Mansfield team to gain greater clarity for their acquisition plans, as well as develop a successful retail organizational structure. After training the initial group of 30 senior managers, Mansfield rolled out Synecticsworld training to their respective divisions.

Mansfield also asked Synecticsworld for training in new product development techniques. The sessions helped the brewer to review its brand portfolio and as a result of that review, Mansfield evolved its flagship brand, Mansfield Bitter, into Mansfield Smooth Bitter, and renamed Mansfield Mild to Mansfield Dark Smooth Ale.


The new branding strategy helped Mansfield to retain existing customers and generated new ones, resulting in an increased market share for the company’s ales.

On the corporate side, the cumulative effect of the Synecticsworld-led sessions was to develop a culture of collaborative teamwork and innovation across the entire company.

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