Lactaid’s gutsy brand team wanted to engage in a process of consumer discovery that would lead to increased brand equity, brand awareness and drive double-digit growth. Specifically, their priorities were:

  • Create an insight-driven brand position
  • Generate powerful new ideas for innovative packaging
  • Use collaboration to invent new and innovative product ideas
  • Devise an effective and sustainable education plan
  • Design retail strategies that differentiate Lactaid from similar products on the market


The Synecticsworld-led initiative revealed powerful consumer insights which, in turn, generated not only a deeper understanding of the product’s category-driver hierarchy but revealed a new and more effective direction for the company’s packaging design and development team.

Now the leading brand of lactose free milk, Lactaid offers an wide range of products that include Fat free, Low-Fat, Reduced-Fat, Whole, Calcium-Fortified, Chocolate, and for the holidays, Egg Nog.

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