Input/Output, Inc. is a leading provider of seismic imaging technology to oil and gas companies. The technology is used to penetrate earth, ice, and water to give snapshots of what lies beneath our feet. But the technology, like the earth and water that it scans, is constantly shifting. When Input/Output decided to present best current thinking on new technology to a group of representatives from eight of their company users, Input/Output came to Synecticsworld.


Besides wanting to be upfront at the meeting about the weaknesses in Input/Output’s own technologies, the company asked Synecticsworld to help it present multiple concepts to its participating customers while creating and sustaining an environment of collaborative innovation in which staunch competitors Texaco, Chevron and others, would be willing to share perspectives and insight. Synecticsworld tapped the power of team-on-team presentations, core team training, and invention sessions to realize Input/Output’s goal. Synecticsworld even staged a skit to highlight the key issues.


The Synecticsworld-led session not only renewed the spirit of innovation and collaboration within Input/Output but it also:

  • acknowledged the company’s leadership in the industry;
  • provided a specific direction for the company’s technology and market development; and,
  • strengthened Input/Output’s relationships with influencers and decision makers.

For a company like Input/Output to decide to stand up in front of their company users and confess that they haven’t perfected their newest technology was gutsy. Hiring Synecticsworld to help them ensure the success of that bold move was inspired.

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