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Joe Gammal, Synecticsworld


By Joe Gammal

There’s no greater reward than working with people that make a difference, and  helping them in some way to create the change they want.  Our Synecticsworld team had that pleasure to work with Jon Feinman and his InnerCity Weightlifting team in Spring 2012 through collaboration with the Harvard Social Innovation Club.  Check out this video on ESPN  to see the difference InnerCity Weightlifting makes — “using weightlifting as a way to connect with others… to get kids off the streets and into the gym…to put that gun down and lift weights with their shoes perfect for squats.”  Weightlifting is a means to create a supported life.  Their graduates in turn support and coach others through weightlifting and through life.

ESPN aired the below segment featuring InnerCity Weightlifting on SportsCenter

Redefining Strength by Joe Gammal


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