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Climate can be challenging to measure because it is made up of many small but significant, subjective elements. Yet, it can be assessed and progressed with focus on some important factors. What does it entail? What should be measured? Some of the keys are:

  • Interactions are based on positive intent
  • Interpersonal relationships (behaviors, language) are transparent
  • Different ideas, styles and ways of working are encouraged
  • Open-mindedness to diverse ideas, people and work styles
  • A sense of doing meaningful, appreciated work
  • A belief that what’s good for the team is good for the individual
  • An awareness of progress, that issues are being solved and moved along
  • An understanding of goals, roles and timelines
  • Evidence of flexibility in different ways to accomplish tasks
  • A willingness to take appropriate risks
  • Support for experimentation by leadership, with resources and rewards for new ideas and approaches
  • A respect for curiosity and learning
  • Conflict is managed in a healthy way

Synecticsworld has an Innovative Team Index, developed in conjunction with Professor Lynn Foster Johnson (Dartmouth) that can be used to assess individual factors; additionally there are several good tools that can help assess the climate for innovation for organizations. Please let us know how Synecticsworld can be a resource if you are interested.


How do you develop a more innovation-supportive climate in your organization? Synector Connie Williams discusses how climate affects your team

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