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Connie Williams, CMO & General Partner Synecticsworld

Connie Williams, CMO & General Partner Synecticsworld

Collab Cheat SheetConnie Williams, in an interview with host Jan Mazotti of Connect & Collaborate on ICOSA Radioshares the keys to gaining competitive advantage, by creating new markets, products, and services based on deep-diving into the minds of consumers, and uncovering their unarticulated wants and needs – understanding and anticipating what their needs are before they are even consciously aware of it.

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Connie shares the Synectics Insight Process and real world anecdotes like Staples, Subway, and Duracell, in this informative interview that originally aired on KNUS 710AM in Denver on Saturday, August 24th, 2013.

ICOSA: It is the mission of ICOSA to facilitate dynamic cooperation, partnerships and assistance among individuals, businesses, communities, governmental bodies and educational organizations to help foster growth and change. Through the sharing of collaboratively-based stories as well as highlighting the “connectors” within those stories and within the community, their hope is that their readers are moved to begin to work together to address and solve a given problem.

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