Connie Williams, CMO & CKO, Synecticsworld

By Connie Williams

Do you believe in your team?

I was heading to the IMG Academy to help facilitate a meeting for a big energy company and was looking forward to the treat of spending an afternoon with a professional in the domain of big time sports motivation.  In the world of sports psychology, there is a big emphasis is on beliefs.  Players have to believe in their abilities, even while they strive for improvement.  Coaches have to believe in their teams, and even when they are focused on how to make individual players better every day, help them work collaboratively as a cohesive, high performance team collective.  And, those beliefs can’t be faked.  You certainly want to help them with more specialized skills and new techniques, but it is the authentic, raw, powerful belief in their abilities that propels their success.

What about your team?  In a world where we face a plethora of complex challenges, do you believe in your people’s ability to creatively tackle difficult issues and successfully implement breakthrough solutions?

Whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 50 company or the Executive Director of a small non-profit that wants to change the world.  Or whether you are a department lead or you’ve been asked to put together an ad hoc team to accomplish a big task.   To be successful, you have to believe in your team and their ability to creatively solve the challenges in their face.

Trevor Moawad, who is the Director of Athletic and Personal development for the prestigious IMG Academy, put it succinctly at the meeting.  He said, “Coaches are the Game Changers.  They are the force multiplier.”  He used a lot of interesting examples and stories to illustrate the idea that beliefs are key to success and show how important positive thinking is to success.

So, how do you demonstrate your belief in your team?  How do you receive new ideas?  How do you help team members collaborate with each other?   How do you support creativity when faced with new, scary ideas?  Are you authentically, unequivocally believers in your team?  Yes, coaches are the Game Changers and the “force multipliers”.  You are the one that makes the difference.

At Synecticsworld, one of our core beliefs, our most sacred value is the fundamental belief in the innate creativity of everyone.   If you share our belief in the creative potential of your team and your people set it free so they can power up the world with more creative, ingenious solutions.

We believe in your people to create change.  Do you?





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