Deliberate Synergy: George’s Dream

GammalCPSIBy Joe Gammal

In December, 2008, George Prince, one of the founders of Synectics wrote:

Dear Joe,

…When I had to give up and retire I was working on a dream. How to get everyone to live the Synectics supportive way. I titled this dream Deliberate Synergy®. I did quite a bit of work on it and so you have a head start! My thought is that you and your remarkable team make this a reality. I am sending by mail where it stands. It is yours to tear apart as a team!

Deliberate Synergy is a way of being, espoused and aspired to by George and all of us deep down. It is a picture of a desired way of living that brings out the best in people, and teams, with frameworks that help us understand it, and a myriad of tools to get to the desired state.

George described that vision of what it looks like, how it feels, how we’re acting and behaving when we have Deliberate Synergy as follows:


“Synergy stands for that state of being when a person deals with him or herself and others in thoughtful, foresightful, considerate, appreciative ways and creates an interpersonal field that is supportive and helpful. It creates a relationship to match the heart’s changeless needs, and leads to the most collaborative actions”


Deliberate Synergy has evolved, and continues to evolve, into a Set of Frameworks – maps or models of behavior that help to describe, illuminate, and explain the human dynamic. Some are already parts of core Synectics: Intent-Effect Matrix, Discount Revenge Syndrome, and Climate Energy relationship. Others are newer, including the notion of “Field and Relationships” which George devoted much of his later years to understanding, and “The Journey to We” (see below).

We invite you to explore Deliberate Synergy chapter of Imagine That!  by downloading the full chapter here


The Journey of We


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