With 450 brands and over 2,800 beverage products in more than 200 countries, the Atlanta, Georgia-based Coca-Cola Company continues to be the world’s largest beverage firm by virtue of its superior products, skilled and committed workforce, and far-thinking and inspired corporate leadership. It was those same innovative and courageous thinkers, who, when faced with worrisome growth numbers, demonstrated their commitment to excellence by turning to Synecticsworld.


Asked to inject a renewed spirit of collaborative innovation into the company, the creative catalysts of Synecticsworld designed a sustainable program that was presented to upper management in a series of offsite meetings. The sessions focused mainly on revising marketing strategies and creating new products that would further what Chairman and CEO, E. Nevelle Isdell, says is his company’s “multi-year dialogue that focuses on opportunities and emerging ideas about how to capture them.”


It total, approximately 300 of Coke’s marketing executives participated in the meetings, which focused on a revised strategy that included new product development and marketing innovation. The combined force of this strategic renewal led to breakthrough growth for the company, which in 2007, amounted to profits of $1billion.

Since 2000, The Coca-Cola Company has repeatedly turned to Synecticsworld’s community of creative catalysts for innovative solutions in Coca-Cola sales territories as wide ranging as:

  • Created media-neutral strategy ideas (Great Britain)
  • Helped key members of teams in four countries to work more harmoniously (Europe)
  • Helped create solutions that allowed for the sharing of music marketing strategies (Portugal)
  • Created a wide-based strategy for an upcoming football championship (Austria)
  • Created methods for sharing research project outputs (USA)
  • Helped the company reposition an existing product (China)
  • Created a five-year destination, vision, and strategy (Brazil)

Dozens of countries, scores of challenges, one time-honored vision of “a Coke within arm’s length of desire” – anywhere in the world.

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