Don’t think that the world needs another brand of roofing shingle? Try telling that to the millions of people who don’t know whether the roof of their home will survive this year’s round of devastating hurricanes.

But CertainTeed didn’t have a hurricane-resistant roofing shingle in mind when it first contacted Synecticsworld. The building materials manufacturer simply wanted help developing a breakthrough-roofing product in an already saturated market.


Responding to CertainTeed’s challenge, Synecticsworld brought together architects, installers and homeowners and asked them to work with a cross-functional team from CertainTeed. In sessions led by Synecticsworld, the group generated a host of fresh insights and potential product ideas.


Just one of the products that sprang from those sessions was the Hatteras Shingle, a slate shingle that carries a 40-year warranty. Manufactured to survive the merciless onslaught of Mother Nature, Hatteras roofing shingles are guaranteed to withstand 110 mph winds and are both algae-resistant and a breeze to install.

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