Finding Marketplace Potential

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Insight Discovery

Using Synecticsworld’s iPower6 proprietary insight process, we help our clients discover the unmet and unarticulated consumer and customer needs, wants and beliefs that can be leveraged for growth. Insight that is leveraged for a variety of applications, including new product development, brand innovation, strategy development, and organizational change.

Brand Renewal

Using the IPower6 framework, Synecticsworld helps clients profoundly refresh brand equity, making tired icons newly relevant to their consumers.

New Product Development

Synecticsworld uses the Ipower6 insight framework to develop new products and services which can capitalize on unmet needs in the marketplace.

Marketing Communication

Synecticsworld is unparalleled at helping teams birth breakthrough and sustainable ideas. We can help craft the next great integrated marketing initiative, bring all the key agencies and stakeholders together to collaboratively develop powerful new marketing campaigns or simply use our creative problem solving approach to invent the next great promotional concept for a brand or company.


Synecticsworld’s positioning process focuses on leveraging the creativity of the team to articulate a distinctive benefit that differentiates the brand in the marketplace, requiring both focus and sacrifice.


We plan and design company, brand and product naming sessions for clients, ranging from a single day’s name generation project to more extensive multi-step naming processes. Our long list of brand naming successes (including Envoy, Snackwell, and Spacemaker) is based on extensive experience in understanding naming, setting criteria and executing a creative process that leads to great alternatives.

Tapping Consumer Creativity

We pioneered designs that use target consumers in creative invention activities as equals with client teams in order to push the teams thinking and explore new territories.