Bulmers asked Synecticsworld to help them create a new beverage in two days.


Soon after taking up the challenge, Synecticsworld had representatives from a variety of Bulmers’ departments, including innovation, production, logistics, operations, and market research in the same room. Using Synecticsworld’s tools, the group spent the first day exploring the new beverage’s possible appearance, taste, texture, and imagery.

“We did two-and-a-half day’s work on the first morning,” said Bulmers’ Innovation Director.

The Synecticsworld-led group distilled a long list of fresh ideas into four novel concepts that Bulmers’ production, packaging, and brand design specialists then took back to their offices for further development.


2 days of meetings + 2 weeks of development = 12 versions of fruit-flavored Sidekick. Within six weeks of Sidekick’s launch, the 30ml schnapps chaser recorded sales of more than five million units.

In an article written by The Publican, the leading print title in the licensed trade, Bulmers Marketing Manager Chris Lewis is quoted as saying that the “Response to Sidekick has been exceptional with over 7,000 pubs and clubs already stocking it. Licensees have quickly recognized the incremental value it adds to their bar takings.”

Exceptional response? No doubt. Soon after its launch, Sidekick sales had surpassed fifteen million units.


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