When this restaurant chain’s request to Synecticsworld was simple: “help us increase service speed, quality, and accuracy in delivering orders to our guests!” The restaurant chain knew that improving back-of-house operations was key, but asked Synecticsworld to help it invent a new way to make this operation flow as efficiently as possible.


Synecticsworld brought together a cross-functional team of the restaurant chain’s key people to identify critical areas for operational improvement that included equipment, menu, guest touch points, and people, especially regarding speed, quality and accuracy. The restaurant chain’s team began a series of Synecticsworld-designed immersive exercises to help them understand what speed, quality, and accuracy meant in the context of other industries, other restaurants and, most importantly, what those three benchmarks meant to the restaurant’s customers.

Using the insights they gained from the Synecticsworld-led invention sessions, the restaurant’s team also decided to bring in outside experts, like the NASCAR pit crew member, to help them create strategies to improve performance and close the gap between where they were in terms of speed, quality, and accuracy and where they wanted to be.


The operational improvement ideas generated by the Synecticsworld-designed exercises resulted in a 16% reduction in the restaurant chain’s service time.


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