Unum wanted to get a new perspective on the life insurance market, but the world’s largest disability insurance company knew that the first step in that journey was to overcome their clients’ perception of life insurance. They turned to Synecticsworld to help unlock the hidden truths and wisdom that they needed.


Realizing no one would know more about life than the ‘death industry’, Synecticsworld assembled an Expert Panel that included:

  • Doctors of terminally ill patients;
  • Relatives of the terminally ill;
  • Religious/spiritual counselors;
  • Funeral home directors;
  • Cemetery workers; and,
  • Patients who survived despite having received a terminal diagnosis.

The sessions with the ‘death’ industry experts revealed what was going on in the death business while subsequent sessions with baby boomers helped to uncover boomers’ beliefs, values, and needs around death.

“Baby Boomers live longer with a terminal diagnosis and want to leave a legacy.”


Just that single insight led to a host of new product ideas, one of which was a Legacy Insurance product, an innovative solution that enables a policy holder, after being diagnosed as terminally ill, to use the funds to celebrate life before death, e.g. take the family on a trip back to their country of origin, create a lasting memorial, go to a special place and create a video.

Today, Unum ranks 5th in group life in the U.S. and 4th largest in the United Kingdom and is proud of the fact that it currently protects 25 million people worldwide and provides benefits for 42% of today’s Fortune 500 companies.

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